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Specialized cleaning

Specialized cleaning

Specialized cleaning

Pakar Service offers a wide range of specialized services tailored to the nature of the facility and specific expectations of our Customers. The provision of services is each time supervised by the Manager in charge of the facility, and the Customers have an on-line insight into planning, organization and execution of works thanks to the BPC Optima Solution system.

Specialized services

  • Washing glass surfaces and structures at height - industrial mountaineering technique
  • Washing and cleaning of façades
  • Revitalization and polymerization of floors
  • Marble crystallization
  • Impregnation and sanding of stone floors
  • Protection of floors and wooden elements (oiling, waxing, impregnation)
  • Removing oil stains from paving stones
  • Washing and impregnation of carpets

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