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Raport ESG

Raport ESG

Raport ESG

The 2024 financial year will be the first year in which EU corporate sustainability reporting rules will apply.

At PakarService, we implement solutions that allow reporting the environmental impact of the cleaning services we provide. We take into account all 3 emission ranges. Reporting is enabled by our proprietary ERP system, which supports key business processes.

Among other things, we use:

  • order module data,
  • an emission database for individual sources
  • an hourly task schedule for all employees

The following emission sources are monitored:

  • fuel consumption
  • electric energy usage
  • chemicals for keeping clean
  • hygiene measures
  • materials
  • machine operation
  • transport

Our solution enables:

  • counting emission levels for any time period
  • estimating emissions for the entire year
  • identifying key emission sources
  • comparing emission levels depending on the technology used
  • comparing emissions for selected facilities
  • mobile access

Carbon footprint and utility consumption reporting

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